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    Writing Tips

    Don’t Make These 6 Amateur Fiction Writing Mistakes

    Writing is a skill that can always be sharpened, but when you’re just starting out, you’re likely to make some amateur fiction writing mistakes–and that’s okay! You’re still learning. Keep reading to know how you can avoid these writing mistakes.…

  • querying mistakes blog post literary agents swati hegde romance author
    Writing Tips

    Don’t Make These 5 Querying Mistakes

    Querying literary agents has never been harder. If you’re about to enter the query trenches in 2022, keep reading to know the 5 querying mistakes to avoid so you can find representation with the right literary agent for you. Soooo…

  • how to write a damn good novel blog post by swati hegde romance author
    Writing Tips

    How To Write a Damn Good Novel: My Writing Process

    My writing process is a little different from other authors–but it’s effective, efficient, and works wonders for me. Here’s some advice on how to write a damn good novel from scratch, my way, without having a breakdown (hopefully). This was…

  • literary agent red flags while querying
    Writing Tips

    5 Literary Agent Red Flags for Querying Authors

    Every querying author dreams of signing with an agent. But as someone who parted ways with their agent and is querying again, I need to tell you which literary agent red flags to look out for–from querying to representation. Keep…

  • Writing Tips

    How to Write a Damn Good Romance Novel

    Romance novels might be seen as an "easy read", and yet, writing them is anything but. Here are my top 3 Dos and Don'ts so you can know how to write a romance novel without pissing off your readers (lol).…

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    Writing Tips

    My Pitch Wars 2021 Mentor Wishlist

    Hi! I’m Swati Hegde, and I’m so honored to say that I am a Pitch Wars 2021 Adult mentor. Although this is my first time being a mentor, I’ve been working with traditional and self-published authors for years now as…

  • how to write dialogue in fiction swati hegde romance author
    Writing Tips

    How to Write Dialogue in Fiction

    Knowing how to write dialogue in fiction is one of the most important skills you need to master for a thriving author career. Without well-written and effective dialogue, your characters, scenes, and story might fall flat. Here are my 3…

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    How to Get a Literary Agent

    Getting represented by a literary agent is every writer’s dream come true. If you want to sign a book deal with a Big 5 publisher, getting an agent is an important step in that process. Here’s how you can get…