How to NOT Give Up on Your Goals

Even during the worst of times, giving up is simply not an option — instead, set the intention to realign yourself to your passion, and do what is necessary, not just what is easy. Moving cities can be exciting, terrifying, and nauseating — all at the same time. That was definitely the case for me when I moved from Mumbai to Bangalore over a month ago. Although the emotion I initially felt was excitement, it slowly gave way to fear. And self-doubt. Loads and loads of self-doubt, in fact.

That led to a pretty bad bout of depression which lasted over two weeks. see post It was only after a “tough love” real talk with a close friend — who is, without a doubt, one of the most successful and inspiring twenty-something adults I know — that I realised where I was going wrong.

Depression can be debilitating. We all know that. But I know, and I’ve always known, that years of therapy and medication have made me capable of taking charge of my mood. The only thing in my way this time was, well, me.

That conversation with my friend was a serious eye-opener. He and I had a long talk, and I had two revelations about why some people give up on their goals and dreams, and never succeed in life.

Firstly, they want to achieve those goals — but they aren’t committed to them. What’s the difference, you ask? It’s the difference between a) going to the gym for a month because it’s your New Year’s resolution to lose weight, and b) working out consistently for the rest of your life because you want to be fit and strong. Not only is the key intention different, but so is the execution.

Secondly, the people who tend to give up time and again do what they want to do, and not what they need to do. They want to lose weight, so they work out and diet for a month. Then they stop wanting it, become lazy, and return to their old ways. But the ones who succeed? They know they need to make exercise and a balanced diet a part of their lifestyle, not just an item on their checklist.

Nobody wants to put themselves through difficult, exhausting shit. But honestly? You need to do that if you want to achieve your goals. And over time, that need gives way to passion, and true passion — coupled with hard work — leads to success. There’s no two ways about this, dear reader.

I’ve decided to take my friend’s eye-opening advice. I’m passionate about my goals, so I need to be committed. There is no room for excuses on the path to success.

And you bet your ass I won’t forget that again.

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