How I Got My Literary Agents

The story of how I got my literary agents is a long and funny one. Full of ups and downs, much like my bipolar disorder. But here we are, at long last. You ready to hear it?

So… it’s official. I now have two literary agents!

Man, it’s been like 3 years since I first jumped into the querying trenches with the romance novel that would be the first of 5 novels I’d query, with my 5th rom-com finally landing me my dream agents.

I must have queried at least 70 agents with every manuscript I wrote. That’s… a LOT of rejections. Enough that I went a few months each year swearing off querying and writing and publishing altogether. Because how many rejections can an author really handle?

Turns out, many. Because my dream of being traditionally published was way bigger than the pain of all those rejections.

In 2019, while querying my modern-day Mansfield Park-inspired YA romance, I received a rejection on the full manuscript that was… so detailed, helpful, and encouraging that the agent immediately jumped to the top of my “dream agent” list. find out this here And I told myself, “Someday, I’m going to be represented by him.”

Did that happen?

Keep reading to find out, hehe.

Cut to December 2019, when I officially started my mindset coaching business and came across a brilliant dating coach who also markets her biz on Instagram. She has what seems to be the perfect business, the perfect life and… the perfect boyfriend. He’s handsome, charming, hard-working, funny, and loves her to bits.

buy Pregabalin 150mg online And my first thought was, “Psssh. He’s gotta be fake.”

http://cooperativates.it/1313-dtit14283-ragazza-rumena-cerca-ragazzo-italiano.html BOOM. Story idea.

I spent the next couple of months drafting my desi fake-dating rom-com, and jumped into the querying trenches by March. It was surprising. I got way more full requests than ever before… and when the aforementioned dream agent requested the full too, I was on cloud nine. Like… f*ck. This might actually happen.

But then months passed, and my hope started to fade. That’s not how it’s supposed to be, right? I’d seen all these stories on QueryTracker of agents offering within a week of requesting because they loved the book that much.

If it had been 5 months, there was NO way I was going to get an offer of rep.

And then one night, around 11 pm, there was an email from the dream agent’s assistant in my inbox asking to set up a call.

I FREAKED. Told my #writingcommunity besties, my critique partners, my best friends, my family. Freaked out some more. It’s going to be a revise-and-resubmit, I told myself to keep my hopes low. Don’t expect anything, Swats.

femme forte rencontre Then I got on the call with the agent’s assistant, and… SHE OFFERED. She loved the book from page one and knew she had to offer by the time she was done.

F*ck. This was unexpected. After 3 years of querying, this was so bloody unexpected. Anyway, I followed the usual protocol and notified all the agents considering my query or full MS about the offer.

And then another agent offered! We got on a call and talked for an hour about my book and her vision for it. It was a great call… but now I had a tough decision to make.

Ultimately, I decided to go with my dream agent and his assistant, who are jointly representing me. Here’s my super-psyched announcement tweet!

So yes!!! I am now rep’d by Uwe Stender & Elle Thompson of TriadaUS!!!! The Swati from 2019 would have never believed this, although she was so hopeful. I’m glad she was.

And if you’re wondering, these were my query stats for the fake-dating rom-com that got me my agents.

Queries sent: 69

Full requests: 23

Offers of rep: 2

I cannot wait to dive into revisions with Elle & Uwe and then go on submission. More blog posts to follow with updates!

Love hard & dream big,


Desi. Dreamer. Author. Reader. In that order.

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